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Nov 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
of this four story -- a strong man, like a martin luther king. you quoted it very courageous speech. he sacrificed his life because of that speech, but a man to stand up and has moral rectitude to say to the public that we must walkout of this valley of fear that we're living in and you cannot leave all this nonsense and we need somebody. when they see a book or a vcr movie or something in this would inspire someone in the next generation. >> it raised the question for me whether the public has become so cynical about our politics, so afraid about the world that we live in that it would be impossible to question. kingd it be possible for 18a to ascend? is the ground still fertile enough? >> by 1968, he was a great hero to many people because he was speaking insanity that they needed to hear and people know the truth. the truth has in mind of the town and people hear it. it takes guts to say it because you are risking it. there will be somebody. >> the first blurb we got on the book was from a kilgore but jeff. we hold a month as a kind of model -- was from mckale or which of -- mikhail
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am PST
told the archbishop in a very creative way he is going to hell. >> dr. martin luther king, jr. said he didn't want to build a heavy if there is no -- him vin if there is no -- heaven if there is no laughter there. >> they say hilda guard was a benedict of novice. she wrote fierce letters to the pope, all over germany and her name thing was collect of that. >> i thought it was interesting that she prepared. >> here is ago that does not allow those to preach. >> they don't have a clue for what they have done. they are unleashing this amazing figure. >> i ordered it about a week ago and it is so compelling, the information you have here. we will talk more in the future. leaving in the reference for some of the other groups. please join us, imron swisher. -- i am ron swisher. . >>> welcome back, you see this title, a great saint and we have been speaking with dr. matthew fox in his latest book. you have written many books on her. >> i have, i have written two he books previous, because her paintings were amazing and she had these visions that really healed her and they heel us. they are ve
Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
. >> on top of that the principal honor of martin luther king, where a school of black and'Ññ?? latino students has removed the and this superintendent is also? on a board funded by bechtel, which wants to have awkdp: commn core of program of test,xxñ?ñ? t can't provide funding for music for an investigation, a@ñ?ñ criminal investigation by the districti7 the assistant superintendent because of what's gone on in that school. in addition7mépk those staff ad complained, who spoke uppwñ?ñ? t it, have themselves been retaliated and fired and are being harassed by the management of the school district. this is serious business. and this board has had many complaints, from these staff there, from the parents, and has ignored it. so what i'm saying is thereweñ?s to be accountability by the superintendent and by this board about what is going oñ?ñ? on att school. it's intolerable, it's wealthy district in san fravxhd[udd. but it is happening to martin luther king school. so we are taking up the campaign to educate public -- forpj5!t"de district attorneyt÷ñ?ñ? gascÓn e action on
Nov 14, 2012 9:30am PST
from jeannie pond concerningn!%2 martin luther king school. and it says that that school has been<]6÷r they're great gains that have been made at thatg it's something to be emulated in the school district in san francisco. the realitykym there was physical abuse atie> ló that school by nat]@ñ?ñ? thalia everyhart, the principle. there's a video. >> no namesañ?ñ? please. >> on top of that the principal gave away the band and -- what kind of bus09u#zijjp &c @&c"p% we havec ? in san francisco, in honor of martin luther king where a school of black and'Ññ?ñ? latino students has removed the music04úzy g and art programs. and this superintendent is alsoéiñ?ñ? on a board funded by bechtel which wants to have awkdp: common core of program of test,xxñ?ñ? but can't provide funding for music and arts8tei$$ we are calling for an investigation, a@ñ?ñ criminal investigation by the districti7 attorney, of this principal and the assistant superintendent because of what's gone on in that school. in addition7mépk those staff an
Nov 18, 2012 9:00pm EST
, the assassination of martin luther king and bobby kennedy, the democratic party is wild convention in chicago so a lot of books on 68 and in 69 and that sort of thing. there's also a very good book on 1964 which makes pretty much the same argument as i do you sense did a year earlier, and i wouldn't say if look i'm the only person that's right about this, but 65 did seem to be the time of who was the most dramatic, 68 probably was in terms of the world shattering events, but it was a time when the 50's and the early 60's rapidly vanished from or began to vanish from view in ariana the reasons you will probably ask me that, that's why. >> i pretty much agree with you that there's something more at stake in your book at least i think so. in any way we could even be talking about the 60's and just talking about where 65 fits into the 1960's but there is a claim in your book about how 1965 transformed america. and so they're in that statement it seems to be that you are saying that america is not the same after 1965 and that is what makes 1965 unique. so there is something at stake beyond 1960 and t
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Nov 8, 2012 11:30pm PST
for people's rights. >> stephen: making him the martin luther king of exotic dance. >> i don't know if i would say he is the martin luther king of exotic dancers but he's definitely making a difference. >> i think steve dick is making a difference. >> i think he's probably just trying to save himself a great deal of money. >> stephen: maybe so. but any money he gets in a settlement will go straight to the dancers. >> the dancers will not be receiving any of the settlement. >> stephen: now that's a real dick move. and you, sir are a difference maker. (cheers and applause) s. >> stephen: we'll be right back. >> stephen: welcome back. thank you so much. so folks, i want to talk to you about a matter of the heart. not the hideous one, i'm sure you can all hear beating beneath the floorboards of my stud crop. no i have learned to ignore that. you hear me you vulture eyed man not remorse! no, folks, i'm talking about a new study that looks at male-female friends or platonic relationships. name for the greek philosopher plato because are you never going to get laid talking about greek philosoph
Nov 19, 2012 12:00am EST
progress, and then on the very first day of the year martin luther king opens up his drive in selma and that takes up a good chapter early in the book and most people know the story when they beat up people and putting john lewis and send people to the hospital and so one and he goes on tv and says we shall overcome and comes up with a voting rights act that passes and that's even more important than that act. however during the course of the selwa thing the sports that already existed in the civil rights movement which should be regarded as movements were already there and the nonviolent coordinating committee which had already been working for voting rights resembled martin luther king coming in there and wouldn't work for him for the most part but there's virtually no meeting of the - and the southern christian leadership conference on the others and you begin to see the split within the civil rights movement that is pretty irreparable. >> let me play the devil's of a ticket on this. there are a lot of people who talk about the black freedom movement and they see the movement whe
Nov 25, 2012 12:00pm EST
martin luther king coming in and taking credit and would work with him for the most part. there is virtually no meeting of the minds between snake and coral on the one hand and the southern christian leadership in the cooking of the other. they begin to see a split within the civil rights movement is pretty reparable. post goes to let me devils advocate. there was a lot of people who talk about the black freedom for a movement and a seat at the event, whether in terms of civil rights for civil rights and black power, social and political influence in society. they see it as something that has the goal. others might say okay, you're right. 1965 by that by that time you have for civil rights and voting rights combined. let's move on. not everyone will be happy. in other words, i don't necessarily think a split in the civil rights movement is inherently important. selma still leads to the the voting rights act is not inherently important in terms of decisions in sclc. the black road changes in a way that there's a riot in harlem and they seem to mean some pain. and so, it's
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Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, in new jersey, you have the disciple of martin luther king jr.-- >>> i never heard this. i have been around this man -- [overlapping dialogue] >> listen to me, you talk about andrew young. the other disciple of martin luther king went to the same church with reverend lowrie, preaching the gospel of racial idios idiocy. >> it came down to a threat. they didn't see it as a threat because there wasn't a black man in the white house. when i talk byou can't paint one community with a broad brush-- the black community. but they see you as a threat to the black man and they circle the wagons -- yes! they do because you are questioning the black man-- >>> i am questioning the liberal guy. >> their point of view, how dare you question this next man? they have given martin luther king's dream a nightmare about content of character-- >>> he agrees with me on the issues. >> she's a friend to them. i am a friend to them. black conservatives because you don't dare -- it's a disgrace. sean, it's a legacy of hate that we don't need in this country. >> sean: i have been around him. i have never heard
Nov 17, 2012 10:00pm EST
, johnson resigning, not going for another term. nixon's election, the assassination of martin luther king and bobby kennedy. the democratic party's wild convention in chicago. so, a lot of books on '68, a lot of '69, woodstock and altamont and that sort of thing. so, i'm afraid my book is by no means unique. there's also a very good book on 1964, which makes pretty much the same argument as i do, only he sets it a year earlier. i don't have any huge quarrel with that. i wouldn't say, look it, i'm the only person that's right about this. but '65 did seem to be the time, not the most dramatic. '68 probably was in terms of world-shattering memorable events. but it was a tame when the 50s and the early '60s rapidly vanished from -- began to vanish from view in a hurry, and the real reason is -- you'll probably ask me that but that's why. >> host: i think i pretty much agree with you that the central year, for the '60s, is 196 5. but there's something more at stake in your book. at least i think so. i want to probe on that. in a way you can either be talking about the '60s and just talking abo
Nov 6, 2012 12:30am PST
uncle, worked at martin luther king hospital. he convinced his uncle to break into my personnel file. he got my personnel file and my address, there is no transportation in los angeles -- there is nothing. he took three buses and hitchhiked, making it to my old frame house in venice. i said, why are you here? he said i was in a car and we did drive by and i don't know what to do. you said you would always be there for me. there's the answer and the question. how are we always going to be there for bobby. how are we going to help young people at risk, people who are active, to build new identities? we begin with tattoo removal, legal expunged and and we work on attachment. every individual who wants to avoid being in a gang, who wants to leave the game, they need a role model and mentor, they need someone to be there. there is no single type of person. we need it the merging of former gang members, prosecutors and social workers and public defenders. you have all had that kid. he needs role models, job training, and real jobs. i was happy to hear that in the video, nothing stops the bulle
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am EST
day. the ge real way it success does not plan to offer service since it falls on the martin luther king jr. holiday. >> many of you might have stayed up late tuesday night to learn the results of the election. >> a lot of people hurting yesterday. >> who is the president? obama. >> obama. >> he is from fort washington. we are told this little vested up with his family until 1:00 in the morning to see if president obama would be elected. he finally settle down before the president took the stage in chicago. 4:42 right now, 40 degrees outside. >> it is the place you least expect france to take place. a local teenager says she was >> 4:47 and now. people trying to recover from super storm sandy. the northeast devastated by last week's storm. it knocked out power for those who have just had their power restored. the man who tried to kill her is sentenced. loughner pleaded guilty to 19 charges. jury selection expected to begin today in the trial of alexis simpson, charged with killing her roommate. back in september 2011, she killed domonique frazier over music being played on and ipod.
Nov 11, 2012 11:35pm EST
. the public event will take place on the following day which is also martin luther king day. organizers say they will be working with that theme in mind. >> some changes are already under way. over maryland executives are hoping to begin running 24 hours a day. and in order to do that roughly 1200 people will need to be hired. even creating a school to train new dealers. that property could open by mid 2014. official plan to get bids next year. gay couples in maryland in the meantime can start planning their weddings but they will need to wait a few more months. voters passed a measure. the law becomes official on january 1. maryland one of only two states with same sex marriage approved by popular votes. >> from now on drivers in the district busted by speed cameras won't have to pay as much. the fines have been lowered. now, anyone going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit will pay $50 instead of 75. the fine is now 100 instead of 1025 for drivers going 11 to 15 miles over f above the limit. don't push it. if you go 25 miles over the speed li
Nov 10, 2012 7:00pm EST
-evident and the constitution and propagated with the gettysburg address and the speeches of martin luther king and others. these are fundamentally important to defining the country and who with we are and inspiring words. biographies are very inspiring and history. so all of these forms of writing writes poets with they will be futured in the museum. who and how will be determined by people more knowledgeable than all of these thing will have to be cure rated in time by creative and knowledgeable people. >> what's your background and how did you get started on this? >> i'm an engineer by training. i spent my career in business. i grew up -- i have a love of literature and after retiring had a chance to pursue my passion which is literature, and found when visiting [inaudible] the writers museum and found doesn't exist here. that's what we got started down the path, and very quickly found that people thought it was a worthy idea and surprised it doesn't exist already and encouraged us to go forward. and, you know, this is a major project. this is a marathon. it's not a sprint. i'm wearing my marathon tie
Nov 28, 2012 6:30pm PST
, un reconocimiento que recibieron personajes de la talla de martin luther king, aÍi como el papa juan pablo i i. >>> no me sorprende. >>> pablo alvarado fue nombrado por times como una de las 25 personas mÁs influyentes de estados unidos, el acredita el movimiento de los estudiantes dreamers, como el motor que activÓ a la comunidad hispana. >>> desafiaron a alguaciles, son personas que han puesto su vida en la lÍnea, por la lucha por la justicia, entonces, no hay otro sector en estados unidos que tenga esa pasiÓn por un cambio. >>> al grito de indocumentados sin medio hicieron una protecciÓn temporal a su deportaciÓn, y tambiÉn activÓ el voto hispano y fue determinante para la reelecciÓn de obama. >>> hubo campaÑas que pedÍan que si no quieres votar, por lo menos votas porque me afectÁquien gane. >>> los ciudadanos latinos salieron de la sombra para decir que los reconozcan. >>> la selecciÓn de personaje del aÑo se realiza en votaciÓn popular que se puede participar por internet y de los 40 personajes los inducumentados estaban en lugar 18 y avanzaron al nÚmero 9 en
Nov 9, 2012 5:30pm PST
to vote. the law was signed by president johnson in 1965 as martin luther king jr. watched and renewed four times since then, most recently in 2006, signed by president george w. bush. but with an african-american in the white house and more minorities in state houses and congress challengers say it is outdated. >> this is based on criteria that came from the 1964 presidential election. it is 47-48 years old. and the south has changed in that 48 years. it is not current, it is not relevant anymore. >> reporter: it requires states with a history of discrimination at the polls to get federal permission before changing any rules to the elections, no matter how small. the law applies to nine states, mostly in the south, and several others, nationwide, cities, counties and other government areas ruling on a challenge to the law three years ago the supreme court sent a warning to congress that it needed to be updated. the new challenge comes from a part of birmingham. some of the proposed election changes have been blocked. but civil liberties groups say discrimination lives on in new forms
Nov 10, 2012 5:00pm PST
day of martin luther king. >>> just days after the presidential election, the supreme court announced it will review a key part of the voting rights act. the justices agreed to hear a constitutional challenge to the part of the landmark act that requires 16 states with a history of discrimination in voting to get federal approval before making any changes in the way those states hold lakeses. well, the justices say they will look at whether that provision is outdated annan fair since the voting rights act was put into place more than 40 years ago. >>> and coming up next at 5:00, more fallout from the scandal involving general david petraeus. we'll show you how the nba discovered the fair that ended his tenure. also, breaking ground in the south bay on a memorial aimed at those who served and died in the vietnam war. >>> and team oracle is back on bay area waters today. but this time, they were capsizing on purpose. we'll show you coming up. >>> we're learning more tonight about the unexpected resignation of cia director david petraeus. the retired general stepped down yesterday becaus
Nov 17, 2012 11:30am PST
's not that the heart of the american people isn't good or decent. but like martin luther king used to say, the american people are more compassionate than the us congress and that's because they're not bought and sold by monied interests the way too often our law makers have to be to get into office. >> so two things going on here. one, she's saying the electorate is influenced too much by mon idea interests and the next is motivating more women to get politically involved. starting with the first issue, there were billions of dollars spent on ads and by these super pacs. voters turnout was down by about 5% this year over the last time. but most to have the money was spent by supporters of mitt romney, and it didn't win the electorate. so should we be caring anymore? is it okay for them to be throwing their money away if they want to and the message not getting through? >> well, i felt it was a perfect example of free market economies, right? all the money that was spent -- what was it, $8 million -- i think it was $800 million, relative to $500 million on the left. didn't work. the electorate made the
Nov 10, 2012 11:00am PST
and frisk. the mayor has said that. but the mentor of martin luther king said, "he or she who is behind in the race of life must run faster in order to catch up ." we do not have stop and frisk. in this city, we have to run faster to make sure there is not another death. we have to run fast, and make sure there are jobs. run fast to make sure there is education. run fast to make sure there is housing. run fast, so that we will love each other. this is what the naacp is committed to. a lot has been stated here. there was some great rhetoric, some terrific ideas and plans. but this is just like getting ready to drink a cup of coffee. you can have all of the cream, all of the coffee, all of the sugar, but, like maxwell house's slogan says, it will never be good until the last drop unless you stir it up, and you will be able to drink and say, "it is good until the last drop." the naacp will be starring you up to make sure that all we have said that is in this cup will be good to the last drop. >> thank you, reverend brown. think the mayor. think members of the press. thank you to the commun
Nov 13, 2012 9:30pm PST
. the speaker was martin luther king's speech writer who helped him write the i have a dream#g speech. it was a wonderful $ué5l-e6 so thank you. >> thank you. anything further? announcements and scheduling of items identified forgb>çÑp] consideration, at future commission meetings. commissioners, anything you would like to add? we have a packed agenda coming up in the future with big) á h items on there. what do we have for%i$or9 next week which is the second tuesday of the'÷ jx >> while you're looking at that maybe i can ask myw3 fellow commissioners we're working on the agenda for december 59x6<÷ joint meeting of the commission on the status of women and the police department so if there are any particular issues36l7y,/2 around violence against women that talk about we're trying to figure out what the bestéíç agenda is. any community members, if you could reach out to inspector monroe5dnt&=1Ñ want to make sure that agenda is thoughtful and helpful. >> commissioner, of course you will havelaitçx +e8í/o domest
Nov 15, 2012 5:30pm PST
wrong at martin luther king school. there were a7rñ?ñ lot of mice t, mice everywhere. that's what the kids had. they did not have the things that the kids have out in the avenue. treat these kids right over here. what's wrong with this picture. >> thank you]ñ?ñ?. commodore sloan elementary school and i'm happy to announce indigenous people, which i'm glad our school took time to do. i was surprised even though wef? observed the holiday known as columbus daysvñ? weekend we didt educate our children on why we observed it. i found it ironic that something indigenous could be perceived as principals and teachers and parents weret÷ñ?ñ?ñ supportive d these types of events provide acceptances and understanding of other cultures and give us better understanding and appreciation of our own. so even though it was a labor of love and strong emphasis on labor and love, that this was a collaborative effort that would not have happened without the support of our principal, our internal pco board and the family voice and of course the indian education program. michael -- that becomes an a
Nov 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
was growing up, when i was growing up, my heroes were martin luther king and cesar chavez but i didn't see any community activists, civil rights activists, that looked like me, that looked like many of us. and then in the newspapers i saw two asians and they were speaking always passionately about asian american civil rights. well, they were professor ling chee wang and henry durham. and when i was actually quite despairing, i was quite despairing, it was coming down it a crucial vote in 2007 and then 2008 for the college board to support this campus, they came to the fore, they organized the community, the community rose up probably one of the first few times in the history of the chinese community in san francisco, they rose up from the ground and they said, we want this campus, we're fighting for this campus and you better vote for this campus, and guess what, we passed it and we got the campus. so this campus has been built and raised and all of us community activists, ling chee wang, all you old-timers, we built it for current generations and generations as yell yet unborn. our forefather
Nov 10, 2012 3:00pm PST
of grace, a soul generated by love" . martin martin luther king junior. as all of we watched our family work in the community and we were to work with other people. it was a little crazy growing up in a political family. we had seven different phone lines and my mom wouldn't get the one with the seven buttons and we had seven phones and all of us on the phone all the time. no hold button. our house was always full of people. i see many of you here that became family. you were there all the time, working on elections, and after my dad ran you helped my brother run. the same people helping us, being part of the family, working together for the city. i remember some of the crazy things we did growing up in political life. going to i think it's call -- i don't know if it's called the muni lot or parking lot and where the buss are in the morning so we could put a handout on every seat and bus that was there. i remember standing out in front of markets and it was raining and horrible and saying "will you vote for my dad" and milton loved this. he loved this energy and out of most
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 164 (some duplicates have been removed)